Presenter Paper Code Title
Mojtaba Tajik 1329 A feasibility study on irradiation facilities of TRR for Neutron Transmutation Doping (NTD)
Saeed Zare Ganjaroodi 1016 Thermal-hydraulics investigation of new generation TVS-2M fuel in Bushehr VVER-1000 reactor
Pouria Kakaee 1154 Neutronic and Thermal hydraulic analysis of NuScale reactor using Coupled PARCS/RELAP5 codes
Ahmad Pirouzmand 1371 Determining the Location of Hydrogen Recombiners in the Containment of VVER-1000/V446 Nuclear Reactor
Gholam Reza Ansarifar 1104 Optimal fuel design of a space reactor with low enriched uranium via Artificial Neural Network and Gnetic Algorithm
Farrokh Khoshahval 1265 Neutronic performance of accident tolerant fuels in system-integrated modular advanced reactor (SMART)
Areffoddin Zarnosheh Farahani 1161 Fission product behavior during ex-vessel phase of the LB-LOCA severe accident in a PWR
Navid Ayoobian 1174 Evaluation of heat removal from a hypothetical 50 kW Aqueous Homogeneous Solution Reactor (AHSR)
Farrokh Khoshahval 1283 Fuel with advanced burnable absorbers design for the BNPP reactor core: Combined gadolinia and erbia
Milad Afzali 1357 Burn-up Calculations and Optimization of BNPP’s Reactor Core with the New Generation Fuels (TVS-2M) by MCNP
Banin Shakeri Jooybari 1050 Uncertainty analysis of power variation for one typical research reactor
Ahmad Lashkari 1157 The effect of Xe on control rods worth in TRR
Sajjad Hassanpour 1334 Evaluation of Dragon’s different Self-shielding Calculations Methods using MCNP monte carlo code: Case study: Unit II BNPP Fuel
Banafsheh Pourshahab 1077 Investigation of temporal evolution of runaway electrons beam position in Damavand tokamak runaway discharges
Alireza Asle Zaeem  1228 Experiments on a new actively cooled cathode for the inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device to extend the operational time
Hamidreza Mirzaei 1141 Simulation of the microwave resonant plasma source for ISPSC
Nikoo Darestani Farahani 1306 Design of heat recovery system for radioactive waste treatment and vitrification system with plasma torches
Maryam Akbari Nasaji  1170 Experimental study about the influence of anode shape on pinch time, X-ray emissions, and ion intensity obtained from MTPF-2.5KJ
Fatemeh Khodadadi Azadboni 1107 Turbulence Effect on the Growth of the Electromagnetic Instability Modes in the Fast Ignition Scheme
Farzaneh Moradizamenjani 1229 Particle-in-cell simulation of non-collective Thomson scattering as a diagnostic method in relativistic conditions of ITER
Mohammad Mahdavi 1272 Transport of proton beams in fast ignition in proton-boron-11 degenerate plasma
Seyed Abolfazl Ghasemi 1322 Quasi two-temperature electron beam guiding by strong magnetic field in laser-plasma interaction using Geant4 simulation toolkit
Ahmad Naghidokht 1372 Study of internal kink mode stability in IR-T1 tokamak
Samaneh Fazelpour 1184 High Energy Ions Effects of Plasma Focus Device on Spacecraft Electronics: Experimental Investigation
Mohammad Reza J. Milani 1192 Temporal evolution of Gaussaian laser pulse in a magnetized plasma
Elnaz Khalilzadeh 1253 The effect of increasing the laser pulse intensity on the energy spectrum of electrons in the interaction of a long rise-time laser pulse with Hydrogen atoms
Nikoo Darestani Farahani 1313 Modeling and simulation of dielectric barrier discharge with CF4 etching gas by Comsol Multiphysics
Seyed Abolfazl Ghasemi 1353 Dynamics and net energy gain of electron in a plane wave
Mehdi Nasri Nasrabadi 1298 The effect of cathode rings changes on the confinement process of IEC device
Hamid Rahimpour 1295 Design and Simulation of an S-Band Tunable Solid-State Power Amplifier as an RF injector into a Miniature ECR Ion Source
Mahdieh Mirzaeinia 1218 The Λ-core model for studying the binding energies of Λ-hypernuclei under pseudo-spin symmetry using the Hellmann potential
Faisal Etminan 1081 Studying (_Λ Λ ^6)He hypernuclei by modern ΛΛ potential derived from Lattice QCD Simulations
Ameneh Kargarian 1325 Algebraic cluster model calculations for vibrational to gamma-unstable shape phase transition in odd-A nuclei
Maryam Moonesi 1031 Shape changes in odd-Even Osmium Isotopes
Ameneh Kargarian 1223 Investigation of Structure and Nuclear Shape Phase Transition in Odd Nuclei in a multi-j model
Mahnaz Moazami 1342 Shape evolution and coexistence in neutron-rich Yb, Hf, W, Os and Pt nuclei
Aida Armat 1047 Calculation of magnetic moments of Λ-hypernuclei C, O and Ca
Sadegh Yousefinasab 1099 Investigation of binding energy of heavy gases with a polymeric surface using molecular dynamics simulation
Mansoureh Tatari 1116 Study of interaction between Skyrmions using Rebbi and Jacobs variational method
Sepideh Shafiei 1149 Analysis of mixed gallstone by PIXE and FTIR Spectroscopy
Somayeh Rezaei 1316 Rise time effect of laser on proton acceleration through TNSA mechanism
Samira Sheykhi  1297 Calculation of Lattice Thermal Conductivity of UO 2+0.25 by Solving Phonon Boltzmann Equation
Safieh Nazari 1321 Electronic properties of CsPbI3/TiO2: A First-Principle Study
Mehdi Nasri Nasrabadi 1140 Investigation of the effect of various optical model potentials on the neutron scattering reaction mechanisms of 58Ni and 100Mo nuclei
Mohammadreza Rezaie 1178 Investigating the possibility of detecting iron and elements in the blood using the PIGE method with high-energy protons
Shahab Afroukhte 1244 The effect of nuclear deformation on thermodynamic properties of 96Mo with inclusion of thermal fluctuations
Mohammadreza Rezaie 1246 Phase space calculation of 6-MV Elekta Compact linear accelerator by GEANT4 simulation
Seyed Mehdi Moosavi  1030 Inverse-β reaction modeling in the surface of palladium metal hydride using Feynman equations
Sajjad Marri 1266 Studying the existence of quasi-bound state in KK ̅NN system
Asgar Hosseinnezhad 1132 Statistical fluctuations of E2 transition rates in 156-158Gd and 166-168Er isotopes
Marzieh Asadi Aghbolaghi 1271 Simulation of magnetic field profile in 2.45 GHz microwave ion sources
Hadi Zanganeh 1279 Study of increasing spin and deformation of Pu, Cm and Cf nuclei by simulation using MCNPX code
Payvand Taherparvar 1285 A Monte Carlo investigation of the dose distribution for new I-125 by GEANT4
Saeed Kakaei 1124 Human absorbed Dose estimation of 99mTc-MAX based on biodistribution data in mice
Mariam Saed 1032 Angular distribution of scattering and penetration components in a multi-lofthole collimator for SPECT: a Monte Carlo study
Ahdiyeh Aghaz 1033 Harmonization strategy for quantitative assessment of bone quality in Cone Beam CT: a preliminary phantom study
Sara Vosoughi 1078 Preparation of 188Re-HYNIC-Bombesin as a novel agent for prostate cancer therapy
Sedigheh Sina 1374 Dosimetric comparison between low dose rate and high dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer: a Monte Carlo study
Payvand Taherparvar 1364 Dosimetric Investigation of 106Ru/106Rh eye Plaque Brachytherapy model CCB Using GATE Monte Carlo Simulation
Maziyar Mohammadi Ghalebin 1231 Calculation of one year old child absorbed dose in 18F-DOPA and 68Ga-EDTA PET imaging using reference voxel phantom and GATE code
Alireza Sadrmomtaz 1368 A dosimetric Study in sub-cellular level on the effect of nanoparticles on absorbed dose in thyroid cells for Auger electrons
Mohammad Babaee Ghane 1378 Comparison of wavelet transform methods and Gaussian filter for noise reduction in PET brain images and evaluation of sequence effect of using these methods in MATLAB
Mohadeseh Zadnorouzi 1262 Automatic detection and contouring nodules Based on Lung Computed Tomography Images using U-Net Segmentation Method for Treatment Planning System
Roya Mashkoori Moghaddam 1189 Calculation of dose enancement effect of various naoparticles in breast cancer brachytherapy using the AccuBoost system: A Monte Carlo study
Mohammad Babaee Ghane 1274 Fusion of PET and MRI brain images and comparison of fusion methods by image quality indicators in MATLAB
Hossein HosseiniSarteshnizi 1360 Calculation of absorbed dose of stomach tumor labeled with gold and silver nanoparticles using Geant4
Alireza Sadrmomtaz 1388 Optimization of photon beam energy in the treatment of thyroid cancer in the presence of gold and silver nanoparticles
Mohammadreza Rezaie 1247 Investigating the Effect of Therapeutic Application of Radioactive Material on Human‌ Blood Parameters
Ahmad Esmaili Torshabi 1355 A simulation study on the positron emitters production for various organs in proton therapy of Brain tumor
Baharak Eslami 1202 Simulation of silver nanoparticle radio-sensitized tumor and evaluation of dose enhancement in proton therapy
Payvand Taherparvar 1350 Evaluation of the secondary particles and prompt gamma production for proton range monitoring
Mahnaz Abdollahi Dargah 1232 Degradation of basic red 46 dye from color wastewater using cold atmospheric plasma
Tahereh Nikbakht 1179 Application of ionoluminescence spectroscopy for the provenance study of historical ceramics: The preliminarily results
Azam Akhavan 1049 Comparison of gamma ray and electron beam effect on a commercial polycarbonate used in medical equipments
ZAHRA Rafiei-Sarmazdeh 1095 Effect of ionizing radiation on mechanical properties of compatibilzed/uncompatibilized boron nitride/high density polyethylene composites
AmirMohammad Beigzadeh 1196 Investigation of defects in tree trunks using the gamma-ray radiography
Soheil Hajibaba 1113 Simulation and fabrication of an alpha-radioluminescence nuclear battery using Am-241
Hosein Moayedi 1136 Optimization Design and Simulation of a betavoltaic nuclear battery based on Sr/Y-90 with MCNP/Geant4 codes
Sedigheh Sina 1373 A comparison of DNA damages in an E. Coli bacterium induced by low-energy X-ray and electron beam, using Geant4-DNA
Morteza Ramezani 1348 Use of radioactive sources in radar receiver protector
Banin Shakeri Jooybari 1346 Multi element analysis of Ziziphora medicinal plant by instrumental neutron activation analysis
Seyyed mahdi Teymoori sendesi 1254 Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis for Explosive Material Detection Based on IECF Neutrons
Hamid Jafari 1160 Determination of efficient neutron absorber layer inside the sample holder tube for measuring the cross-section in D beamline of TRR
AmirMohammad Beigzadeh 1199 Measurement of linear attenuation coefficient of iron by radiographic method
Esmaeil Nezami  1193 Effect of gamma-ray irradiation on leaf characteristics of apricot
Mahdi Mohammadi 1315 Produce new Iranian rose cultivars with gamma ray
Abolfazl Mazandarani 1090 Destruction of Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria by Atmospheric Cold Plasma
Masume Soleimaninia 1273 An investigation into the role of LET and supply voltage in determining the critical charge for Single Event Upset in a 65-nm CMOS SRAM
Mohammadreza Mohammadian-Behbahani 1309 Pulse pile-up correction: A comparison between pulse-tail linear extrapolation and trapezoidal pulse shaping
Hamideh Daneshvar 1151 Investigation of the response of chromium nitrate solutions as a chemical dosimeter for agricultural applications
Elham Edalatkhah 1345 Fricke Agarose Gel Layers for dose measurements
Tahereh Nikbakht 1139 Ionoluminescence investigation of a Natural flourite sample
Behnam Jandaghian  1195 Experimental study of the gamma dose effects on silicon solar cells
Amir Moslehi 1015 Simulation of alpha patricles detection efficiency for polycarbonate detector using Geant4 toolkit
Hajar Bagherian Sahlevani 1159 Monte Carlo simulation of muon interactions in Mini-IRAND segmented detector using FLUKA code
Shaghayegh Shafiee 1200 Investigation of the effect of gamma irradiation on the Electrical characteristics of EEPROMs
Baharak Eslami 1103 Comparative study of fixed and switching oxide traps behavior
Elham Edalatkhah 1369 Investigation of the gelling agent effect on response of Fricke gel dosimeters
Baharak Eslami 1102 Evaluation of dose response, Sensitivity and annealing of MOSFETs
Ebrahim Haji_Ali 1312 Effect of Ti and Mg in LiF crystal and its Thermoluminescence
Ebrahim Haji_Ali 1311 Eu impurity in mixed crystal KBrxCl1-x and measurement of its thermoluminescence
Mohsen Mehrabi 1135 Designing a Multi-Layer Neutron Shield and its Performance Evaluation using MCNP6
Mostafa Hassanzadeh 1021 Improving the safety of one typical research reactor with regarding gamma radiation hazards of uncovered core
Simin Janitabar Darzi  1375 Radiation Attenuation Coefficient Assessment of PDMS/B4C Composite Sheets
Zohreh Gholamzadeh 1014 Investigation of shielding properties of NBR sheet used as sealant layer for TRR diffractometer main shield
Reza Bagheri 1023 Gamma ray shielding study of light to heavyweight concretes
Zohreh Gholamzadeh 1018 Neutron and Gamma dosimetry of the designed and installed shielding of TRR D channel
Faezeh Rahmani 1303 Designing of Radiation Shield for thermal plasma based vitrification system for treating LILW using Monte Carlo simulation
Harandizadeh Amir  1347 The internal pickling of Zr-1%Nb cladding tubes to enhance the dimentions control and surface quality
Ali Yadollahi 1172 Removal of Th(IV) ions from aqueous solution using newly developed bi-component bio-based adsorbents
Hassan Yousefnia 1127 Using column method for the determination of Ni distribution coefficient
Fazel Zahakifar 1114 Thermodynamic study of yttrium extraction from aqueous solution by ion exchange method
mohammad hasan sadeghi 1028 Uranium recovery from carbonate effluents using AMP-TU-24 and IRA-402 ion exchange resins in a fixed bed column
Fazel Zahakifar 1115 Separation of rare earth elements (REEs) from Choghart ore leach liquor by precipitation method
Reza Saberi 1166 [Zn (bim)2(bdc)]n –metal-organic framework: application to strontium ions adsorption in batch and fixed-bed column experiments
Samaneh Zolghadri 1143 Phytoremediation and Investigation of uranium uptake by Amaranthus Tricolor
Ali Yadollahi 1168 Synthesis and characterization of sugarcane bagasse-derived magnetic hybrid nano bio-composite as potential biosorbent of trace uranium from wastewater
Reza Davarkhah 1101 Research on the rate determining step of the facilitated transport of uranyl ions through bulk liquid membranes
Zahra Shiri-Yekta 1183 Improving adsorption of uranium ion onto silica nanoparticles by modification its surface using N2-type Schiff base
Fereshte Khanramaki  1142 Experimental Study on the Uranium(VI) Extraction Rate from a Sulfate Leach Liquor with Alamine 336 in a Single Drop Column
Kian Yousefipour  1211 Removal of Radioactive Thorium ions Using TiO2 Sorbent: a Mechanistic View
Ghazaleh Toufani 1165 Uranium sorption from aqueous solution by modified Padina sp. in a fixed-bed column
Farzaneh Ezazi 1260 An Application of MVO algorithm for the optimization of squared-off cascade in the separation of 124Xe
Farzaneh Ezazi 1263 Comparison of the ALO and PSOGSA Algorithms for Separation of 136Xe Using Squared-off Cascade
Morteza Imani 1248 Numerical modeling of Remainder-reduction cascades for separation of a middle component of Se
Seyedeh Leila Mirmohammadi 1216 Optimization of the Squared-off Cascade for Separation of Molybdenum Middle Isotope by Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA)
Seyedeh Leila Mirmohammadi 1221 Enrichment of 111Cd Isotope from natural Cadmium composition by 3-Section Squared-off
Mahdi Gholamhosseini-Nazari  1331 Introducing of the 68Ge/68Ga generator with high performance
Younes Amini 1155 Modeling and simulation of 13C isotope separation with cryogenic distillation
Mohammad Mahdi Shadman 1138 Simulation of separation time of Neon stable isotopes using a transient square cascade
Fatemeh Mansourzadeh 1105 Design of thermal diffusion column cascade for Ne stable isotopes separation
Hamnabard, Zohreh 1171
Preparation and Characterization of Nano porous Silica Glasses for Nuclear waste Immobilization

Rahemi, Mohammadreza 1351
Use of gamma in the production of new Iranian cultivars of mutant gladiolus (Fusarium-tolerant)